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This site is free to use.

Thank you for considering a donation to the Beagle Stud Dog Resource.

We feel this site is a valuable tool for beagle fanciers everywhere and we want to provide this service to the international beagle community free of charge with no outside advertising, fees, or subscriptions.

However, there are costs associated with building, maintaining, and growing such a resource. If the Beagle Stud Dog Resource is useful to you and you'd like to support our work, we will gladly accept donations in whatever denomination feels right to you.

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Where your donation goes



Domain renewals, server, bandwidth, maintenance, and expansion. Real estate costs money, even on the internet. 

This site is currently run by just a few fellow beagle fanciers who have made personal investments and volunteer their time and skills because they want this resource available to the community at large. Though these fanciers consider this work a labor of love to give back to the community, not worrying about the financial costs in addition to the other work required lifts a heavy burden to these volunteers in their support of this project. 

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