Beagle Stud Dogs

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GCH Tradition Napoleon di Casa Giorgio

Semen Owner Name : David & Lesley Hiltz
Semen Owner Email :
Semen Owner Phone : 360-909-3299
Website :
Stud's Current Location (If Alive) : 
Stud's Full Registered Name (including any titles) : GCH Tradition Napoleon di Casa Giorgio
Stud's Call Name : Randy
Stud's Registration # and Registry : AKC
Stud's Size : 15"
Color Testing Results (If Any) : produces Red & Tri
AKC DNA # : V741231
Date of Frozen Collection (If Any) : 2014
Location of Stored Collection (State/Country If Any) : Vancouver, WA USA
Available Semen Type : Frozen
Stud's D.O.B. : 12/15/10
Stud D.O.D. (If Applicable) :
Health Testing Results : Clear MLS, Carrier NCCD, Carrier Factor VII
Stud's Color : Black Tri