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Welcome to Beagle Stud Dogs!

This website was created by a fellow Beagle breeder/lover for FREE to use by dedicated and reputable Beagle breeders, by providing information about stud dogs who are available for use via frozen semen, fresh-chilled semen, and/or natural cover. There are so many wonderful stud dogs available in this breed but finding and locating them can often be very challenging if the dog is not currently being campaigned or advertised. This database is intended to include both living and deceased stud dogs and semen that is stored both within and outside of the United States. Please see below for a few guidelines:


  •  To submit a listing for a stud you own or whose semen you own breeding unit(s) on, please complete the form on the Submission page.

  •  The stud dog must be available and documentation/testing in order for resulting litters to be registered by the American Kennel Club. See the AKC website for guidelines.

  • Foreign (NON U.S.) dogs are allowed, but may take longer to be added to the database as AKC dogs will take priority on submissions.

  •  The stud dog must be from show lines although an AKC Champion title is not required.

  •  One photo and one pedigree (in photo format) or as a link to a pedigree database (if applicable) may be submitted with your listing. Please email files to

  •  To remove or change a listing if a stud dog is no longer available, please send an email request to the email above.

  •  All breeding unit(s) are available at the sole discretion of the owner. It is not uncommon for there to be very limited semen left on older dogs and it is the right of the semen owner to decide if and when that semen is used. Please be respectful of this condition.

*  The owner of this website does not verify listed health testing or title information on the dogs listed on this site.  It is the sole responsibility of the bitch owner to ask for verification.  This is simply a free informational database.

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