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Have a dog to add?

To submit a listing for a stud you own or whose semen you own breeding unit(s) on, please complete the form on this page.

A few rules:

  •  Submissions for living stud dogs must have required health testing for :

  •  The stud dog must be available and have documentation in order for resulting litters to be registered.

  •  Submissions must be accompanied by a pedigree, either as a .pdf file upload or as a link to a pedigree database.

  •  Only one photo may be submitted with your listing.

  •  To edit or remove a listing, please submit a request.

  •  All breeding unit(s) are available at the sole discretion of the owner. Please be respectful of this condition.


* The Beagle Stud Dog Resource does not verify listed health testing or title information on the dogs listed on this site.  It is the sole responsibility of the bitch owner to ask for verification. 

Submission Form

Fields with an asterisk* are required.

Stud is
Upload .pdf pedigree
Dog's Variety
Types of Breedings Available
Dog carries for:
Upload .jpg Photo

Thank you for your submission! Please allow time for your submission to be reviewed and added!

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